An average month in many ways, March has come and gone. New material has been coming in much as before, with some especially good items now in stock. Postal sales were reasonable and the only Fair was superb.

I have now received the Wants List books which we were having printed. I am very happy with the appearance and hope they are useful for my customers. Many years ago we produced something like this but this time around the result is much better.

On I am just beginning to input album pages, a new area for that site. These sell quite well at fairs so why not online!?!


Australia. The only new issue this month was the pile of greetings stamps, both with normal gum and self-adhesive. Why produce one stamp when eight will do!

Austria. I had not realised how long it had been since I re-stocked here. This time I filled in holes in stock from 1890 to 2013 with the help of my German supplier. I intend to stock 2014 onwards shortly.

Canada. The only new issue this period was the annual flower set with stamps and mini sheet.

Commonwealth. Just a few sorted this month from the Imperial album I have been emptying. There were good British Somaliland plus some better early Barbuda and Cameroun. So far I am about half-way through this lot and am looking forward to having everything in place, all priced up. These things take time.

Faroes. More new issues including a mini sheet.

Finland. Early 2019 issues which as usual are colourful and jolly!

France UNESCO issues. A small selection but very attractive.

French Colonies. The main activity this month was work on the former French Congo (Brazaville) with a nice little lot of pictorials. In addition, I had an almost complete collection of Reunion which is very scarce in fine used condition.  

German Areas. New stock from many of these temporary stamp issuing areas. With Danzig I found some better items and now have a comprehensive range, while additional issues from Memel have completed many sets with a few more for the Lithuanian period. Hard to find, but now in stock are more of the Saar charity stamps from the 1920s, 1030s and 1950s.

German States. I filled up various issues of Wurttemberg in the twentieth century.

Greenland. Contacts of mine in Denmark have supplied a lovely lot of stamps and mini sheets almost finding all items on my wants list (usually three copies of each). I had been neglecting Greenland but there has been renewed interest lately. The same contacts are now going to find me the stamps from 2012 to date.

Iceland. My Iceland range is solid but this small collection from 1876-1952 did add some items all the same. The condition was excellent.

Liechtenstein. I have decided to stock more recent issues. I made a start with the stamps of 2002-3. My existing stock is strong so it makes sense to have a strong recent section.

Malay States. With the Malaysia below, was a reasonable range of States stamps from which I was able to fill a number of gaps in my stock. These were strongest in the post war period but some good early items too.

Malaysia. I have a good stock of Malaya but had never done much with the modern stamps of Malaysia. Now I have put order into the two collections I had sitting here for some time and now have a reasonable stock to offer. It could still do with expanding so we will see what presents itself over the next few months.  

New Zealand. The first issues for 2019 arrived. As usual there was a set of 4 plus mini sheet for the Chinese New Year (Year of the Pig). Then a set of 6 plus mini sheet for Native Alpine Flora.

Norway. A batch of recent issues brought me up to the end of 2018, including Christmas.

Peru. Slowly, slowly I am pricing up issues of Latin America from the beginning up to 1936 (all from a set of Ideal albums). This is before working on another collection which has been propping up a desk!

Singapore. A range of stamps and mini sheets from 1975-90, mostly complete.

Swiss International Bureaux. After this lot, I now have a largely complete stock of these hard to find issues. The Refugees set is especially difficult to obtain and the Education stamps are never around in quantity. You can always rely on the condition of these stamps.

Tuvalu. Some months ago I bought a dealer’s stock of Tuvalu and just now I finally got around to pricing it up. They have produced a welter of stamps over the years so this lot barely scratches the surface but it is there for those that want them.


A little bit quieter in March, largely due to less sales of Australia, Commonwealth and my “peripheral” countries. Sales of European material were steady with Italy and Finland/Aland being especially strong.


The Sevenoaks Fair was cancelled at short notice because the venue double-booked its facilities. Sheer incompetence! So I only attended one Fair: the monthly Wokingham event. Again it was stunningly good . The top selling countries this time were German States, Denmark, Austria, Ireland but above all, Europa issues.

I re-visited the venue for the Potters Bar events (first date 26 May). All the dates are full now and I hope all of you that can come along will do so. The café is supposed to be good!