July kept me busy even without taking the York Fair into account. I am pleased to see so many people wanting to add to their collections and I do not mind which countries they go for. In the next few weeks, plans are afoot to work on the French Colonies, Romania, Bulgaria and Latin America but keeping things going with my ”core” countries. There is a lot to do but we will see how the time goes.

Last week I had a new computer installed. After a couple of days, I think we had all the major problems ironed out. My new keyboard does not like the way I type, so it misses out letters here and there. So forgive me if there are spelling mistakes. I will check this newsletter but…!       


Australia. New issues this month included Sports Stadiums, Equal Pay, Crayfish and the Moon Landing. There were two mini sheets.

Canada. New issues featuring bridges and the Apollo Moon Landing.

Commonwealth. Lots of new stock as follows:
—Bahamas. New material from KG6 up to 2002
—Barbados + Bermuda. KG6 to 1975, both lots almost complete.
—QV to KG5. I finished work on this period for now. The countries involved included: Nigeria, Ceylon, St Kitts, Rhodesia, New Guinea, Papua, Togo, Tonga, St Vincent, Samoa, Sierra Leone + Sarawak
—Caymans. From KG6 to about 1975, almost complete
—Seychelles. Two separate lots, making an almost complete run from SG 1 to the mid 1970s.

Cuba. Quite a nice collection with many complete sets, not missing the top values as often happens. Most of the material was colourful, modern stuff but still popular.

France. This country has suddenly become my top European country, so I have been obtaining more stamps to keep up with demand. The main period of interest has been the 2010s and that I not easy, especially as most stamps nowadays receive wavy line cancels. My supplier has been excellent in finding all stamps with part CDS postmarks. I am slowly filling in the gaps in this period, helped by wants lists from two customers.  

French Colonies. I have loads of material ready for sorting, including plentiful post-independence issues. I have decided how to house them and have made a small start. So far, I have organised the General Colonies, followed by Cameroun, Central Africa, Chad, Cilicia and the Comoros.         

Netherlands Colonies. I finally put proper order into this stock. I had another lot of Indies to merge into the existing stock, with quantities of many values. Also strong is my selection of Curacao. This time I had a good collection to put in with my existing range.   

Spain. I have seen nothing of Spain that I wanted to buy for ages. This little lot was a complete run from1993 to about 2005 with all the single stamps and all the mini sheets.

Sweden. New issues including handicraft, invitations, the Moon Landing and the Europa birds issue.


The number of orders received in July was good but behind that for June. Very pleasing though. Again there were significant quantities of new customers. I know the advert in SG Monthly is helping in this respect.

There has been somewhat of a shift in what is popular. The Commonwealth is still tops but with France and Czechoslovakia forging ahead of Australia. I am going to obtain more stocks of these three countries in the next few weeks to keep pace with demand. Other countries contributing were Canada, Ireland, Sweden and Latin America.  


The main event in July was the Summer York Fair but I also participated in the Fairs in Chichester and Wokingham. The York Fair was exceptional with good numbers of customers, including some new faces among the regulars. In the past, the top selling countries have been USA, Australia + Canada. Things have changed with USA not doing well in common with other venues and postally. Why that should be, I do not know. Perhaps the fact that all their stamps now are self-adhesive and you cannot separate the stamps from the backing paper. One of my American suppliers can do it but I do not know of anyone else.

This time, Commonwealth stamps sold best including a lesser amount of Australia + Canada. France was the top selling European country by a long way.

The other two Fairs were also good. I continue to sell a wide variety of countries including Albania, Greenland, German States as well as the Commonwealth.

August is a quiet month for Fairs. Just the monthly Wokingham Fair on 11 August.