Much of my time in November was just processing orders. Usually I finish the orders by about 2.30 then have a chance to price up new material. On several days I was still putting together the orders after 6.00. So the list of new stock is shorter than normal. I am not complaining as I am of course glad to receive so many orders.

Earlier in the autumn I arranged to have inserts in SG Monthly and Stamp magazine. These inserts gave a coupon response so people could ask me to send them either or both of the Commonwealth or the Europe and Worldwide booklets I have produced. The response has been quite good and already a few new customers have placed their first orders.

After a few weeks where I did not add much to this web site, I have really got the bit between the teeth. Currently I am putting up several KG6 Commonwealth sets and singles across the range. Many of the attractive definitive sets will be featured as well as most Silver Wedding sets and the UPU issues among others. I have added some foreign items lately and hope to input lots more.
Do you like the Christmasification of the site? Charlotte has worked wonders to make the site seasonal and I think it is very good.


Commonwealth. Having bought an excellent KG6 collection, I have put a lot of effort into getting these ready. So far I am up to Montserrat (alphabetically). I had large numbers of these already but some elusive values have appeared in this lot too. It has enabled me to expand what I am offering on Robstine extra as above.

French Colonies. After a lull, I resumed work on these. I am merging three lots into one at the same time as pricing them up and uploading them to my listing. I started on the Ivory Coast, then worked on Latakia/Alaouites plus the various parts of Madagascar. The early stamps are there is varying quantities but the post independence selections are big.

Greece. I have a number of books of Greece to sort but you will find several new values among my Hermes Heads selection. I find these incredibly difficult issues to sort and have been grateful for expert help with these. This is now the biggest selection of these I have ever offered.

New issues: lots this month:
   Australia. They issued a final part of the Alphabet set, this time also with a mini sheet. The Christmas issue again was split between religious and presents/Christmas trees. A mini sheet for the Perth Stamp and Coin Show was produced. I have all of these in stock.
—Canada. Their 2019 Christmas offering shows four stamps plus a mini sheet. Also now in stock are two stamps, one each for Hannukah and the Red River Resistance.
—Finland with stamps on fashion and a flower among others.
—Ireland. It is no surprise that I obtained the Christmas issues from Ireland and at the same time more “Objects” and the Thin Lizzy issue.
—New Zealand. A bumper lot this month. There is an attractive set about the Te Araroa Trail plus paintings by Michel Tuffery. As you would expect, there were mini sheets to accompany each set plus another for the All Blacks. I will let you guess which colour the stamps appear in.
—Norway. Cycles and Pets feature on their stamps this time plus a new Posthorn value.

Norway. I have gone a long way to merging into stock three collections of Norway. The best bit is probably the early Posthorn issues where I have many items new to stock plus extra copies and better postmarks.

Philippines. I have been surprised by how many people are keen to develop a collection of this country. So when a collection/accumulation came my way I did not hesitate to get my cheque book out! I ensured it was one of the first things I sorted as soon as I got it home. This new lot housed stamps from1946 to quite recent years.


November saw the biggest number of orders since June but I think it will prove to be the best month of the year due to the size of the orders. Most of my hardy regulars ordered as much as usual but there was a healthy contingent of new customers, many emanating from the inserts and mailings described above.

The Commonwealth and Australia continued to be best sellers with France lagging behind this month as I waited longer than usual for supplies from France (not his fault I may add). As is often the case, Belgium, Canada and Czechoslovakia were top performers. “Mentioned in dispatches” were German Reich, DDR, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland and Monaco. I must also say that Latin America is getting popular and would do better if I could just price up the material I have waiting here. I bought lots more during the month so it is getting urgent that I work on some of it!  


I attended two Fairs in November. The Wokingham Fair was again exceptional while the Potters Bar Fair turned out to be reasonable for me but I have to admit it was quiet as a Fair. I cannot think why that was. It is like Manchester City sweeping all before them then losing to Norwich. These things happen and it is how you respond that is crucial.

The only Fair I will be attending in December is the monthly Wokingham Fair.