After returning from Finland on 2 June, I stayed here without any trips! I got my nose down and sorted lots of material for stock as you will see below. I have ordered stamps from my top-selling countries for the York Fair (20-21 July) and most has arrived. There are stamps from Canada, Sweden and France to come.

June was busy with four Fairs and a high number of postal sales. I am a little disappointed there has not been a more sales from but we will press ahead as I am convinced it will be a winner. I feel few people know about it currently which naturally limits its effectiveness. So far we have about 2500 items in the gallery with excellent links across the site and back to this site. I am adding items weekly but will put more items up from the countries you want.

In the lead up to the York Fair I am working on my main countries to ensure the stock is at its best. I am even replacing several old folders to improve the presentation. 


Australia. My Aussie supplier sent me an excellent lot of stamps from my wants list. Every so often I run out of certain stamps and need to replenish. This guy is good at this! The gaps had been in the last ten years and most of them are now re-filled. Of course there were more new issues such as QE2 Birthday and Cloud Patterns.

Commonwealth. Much of my effort this month was on KG6 Commonwealth. I had two very good collections to merge into stock. My coverage is strong with good back-up. Some new items were added, especially Indian States. Other work on Commonwealth included:
—British Virgin Islands: a good range of QE2 issues.
—South African Homelands: the first time I have had these in stock.
—Papua New Guinea.
—Tokelau. Also the first time I have had these.

Denmark: new issues, Europa Bridges and fish.

Estonia. A small collection came my way, covering the years 1992-99.

Finland. I priced up the stamps I bought during my trip to Finland at the end of last month. The stamps covered the period 1999-2007 which is difficult to obtain.

France. I had a collection covering the years 2000-2007 with complete coverage. In addition there were several “private” mini sheets etc which I will feature on soon.

Germany: I sorted stamps from many German areas as follows:
—Colonies: Hard-to-find values of Mariana and Marshall Islands.
—“Areas”: Bohemia + Moravia, General Government plus smaller numbers of Zara and Laibach etc.
—Zones: new values across the different Zones (Allied, French, Soviet etc) plus locals.
—DDR: most gaps in stock have been filled.
—“Reich” (1872-1945): high values from the 1872 Eagles and various oddments across the years.

Iceland: new issues including Europa Bridges, young animals and art.

Ireland: new issues including Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, Europa Bridges and St Kevin.

Italian States: the first time I have had these in stock. The quality was quite good which is unusual for nineteenth century issues and the previous collector obviously knew his stuff as you can tell from the ID of the various items.

Latvia and Lithuania. A range of stamps from the period 1992-2000.

New Zealand. My excellent supplier has sent me gap-fillers for my stock. I did not have many gaps in stock, but even less now! Then there were also more new issues including Reconnecting and scenic views.

Sweden: new issues dating back to last autumn. These new issues included Lighthouses, flowers, Christmas 2017, fish etc. My supplier is lining up for me a batch of earlier stamps from my wants list.

USA. My USA supplier has forwarded to me stamps from the last three years.


In terms of the number of orders, June was the busiest month since January. The average spend was down but it is good to keep a greater number of collectors happy! I have noticed a tailing-off of orders since the World Cup and the hot weather started.
The range of material bought was different this month. Commonwealth sold quite well but much less than the previous eleven months. The top sellers in June were Australia, Belgium and Finland with France, Berlin, West Germany and Luxembourg not far behind. Most of these countries usually do well but Finland sales followed interest from my trip to that country.


I attended four Fairs during June. Those at Sevenoaks and Potters Bar were excellent with lots of keen collectors. Most of the regulars came along with one or two new people. The Amersham Solo Fair was OK but it was the poorest Wokingham Fair for two years. Overall my performance at Fairs continues to be buoyant.
It is hard to pick out the strongest countries as almost all areas have been in demand one way or another. Perhaps we could look at France, Australia, Commonwealth and Saar as being notable. It can be difficult deciding what material to bring to fairs as my car will only take so many boxes!

Once the World Cup, hot weather and York Fair have all gone, I will still have lots of material to sort out. Among these are Latin America, Bulgaria, Romania and more Commonwealth. Who knows what else may present itself!