June was another good month and continues the improvement on last year’s figures. I have a nice band of regular postal customers which has been added to by several new people.

I only went away once this month and that was to the Alicante region of Spain. A friend and I had a five day trip in search of three target birds to see and we were successful. The trip was very enjoyable and I came away with a good feeling for the region, if you stand back from the tourist sprawl.


This looks like a shorter list than usual but I have combined the Commonwealth and worldwide lists as they have so much in common. Earlier issues take a longer time to sort out!

Commonwealth. I have been getting near the end of the big QV-KG5 collection previously mentioned. The quality has largely been good with many high values and complete runs. Here are the countries completed this month: Nyasaland, Niue, Nauru, Straits Settlements and Federated Malay States. In particular, the Straits lot was good with much new to my stock and very sought-after values.

Germany (West). In addition to the new issues received, I filled various gaps with the help of my regular German supplier. He tells me the stamp market in Germany is weak at present.

New issues. This month I received new material from Australia (bees), Canada (turtles), Germany, Ireland and New Zealand.

Worldwide. Similar to the Commonwealth situation, I have been finishing work on a collection from the beginning up to 1936. All the countries have now been priced up. This month’s selection included: Mongolia, Tuva, Latvia, Lithuania, Central Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Manchukuo, El Salvador, USA, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay, Italian States, Puerto Rico, Shanghai, Thrace, Tunisia, Yemen, Turkey and Portugal.


This month was the busiest on record in terms of the number of orders. This follows a very good month in May. I received more new customers during the month than anytime since November. I have increased my advertising and tinkered with the looks of the ads which may have helped.
The Commonwealth and Australia continue to lead the way but Canada and France were equal to them with strong showings from Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Finland, GB and Spain. Also notable were the number of sales of “rest of the world” as my coverage increases.


 I attended three Fairs in June. The Sevenoaks Fair was the best, being above budget. Amersham and Wokingham were good but a little below par, compared to recent showings. Customers’ holidays and the weather make a difference at this time of year.

There was no country that stood out as a best seller this month. Sales were across the board which is good in one respect but it does not make it easier to know what to bring to the Fairs!

In July, I will be at the Chichester and Wokingham Fairs plus of course the summer York Fair. Perhaps I will see you at one of these?