February was of course a short month especially as I had a short break to Estonia on a birding holiday. The main reason for going was to see Steller’s Eider, an arctic duck which you can see on the Aland Islands stamp. The temperature was minus 2-6 all the time so I was prepared for the weather here at the end of the month!

Much of my sorting activity was concentrated on the QE2 Commonwealth lot with time spent also on the Egypt. Lots to do still so I will not be bored!


Canada. My supplier in Ontario sent me a bumper lot of new and recent issues. These had been held up in the Parcelforce sorting office but finally they arrived. Recent Canada is very popular and I keep needing to re-order some sets. 90% of the Canada I sell is from the last five years!

Commonwealth. This was the major task of the month. I found a twelve volume collection of QE2 stamps housed in Palo albums from America. Beautiful books, solid, attractive and with coloured pictures of many of the stamps. There were lots of new stamps for stock from several countries. Big additions were Ghana, Tonga, Sierra Leone, Trin + Tob etc. The condition of the stamps matched the albums: excellent!

Egypt. A lot of work has gone on here. I already had a small stock but this month I included four more lots: two of the “British” period and two lots from independence onwards. These stamps are listed in my Africa North section.

German Zones. A small collection with several better values came my way. Each part of the Zones was represented including some good mini sheets.

Gibraltar. A range of modern items has been merged into my existing stock. My QE2 range is strong and I have two more lots to merge in.

Greece. I made a start on pricing up two collections to include in my stock. More to come soon.

Isle of Man. A colleague has been working on various books of Isle of Man and putting it in order. There is more to come and when it has been finished, I will create a price list. Similarly, work on the Channel Islands will follow.

Mauritius. I added two lots to stock. One was an early collection, up to 1936 from which I found several new values. Then there was a QE2 collection as well with many complete sets.

Montenegro. Just a small collection to make a start with this country.

New Zealand. Two new issues: New Year and Cycle Trails with mini sheets of course!

Serbia. A new area for me with quite a good range already. When I bought it, it was marked up as Romania!

South African Provinces. Three lots have been priced up and listed. I now have a significant number of Cape Triangulars and decent displays of some other issues. I have bought another good lot and just need more time to add it to the range!


A reasonable month with a decent amount of orders, without being world-shattering! A little less demand for Commonwealth, but still 20% of the total. Other countries performing well were Canada, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Ireland and Egypt. Thailand and West Germany did well too.


Just two fairs in February; Potters Bar and Wokingham. Both were good for me although the events were not well supported by customers. Luckily I had no Fairs later in the month so I avoided the snow on Fair days.

A wide variety of countries were bought. Perhaps notable were Australia with USA, Germany and Commonwealth doing well too.

As I write this there is snow on the ground as there is across the country. Hopefully it will all go in the next day or two and things will warm up in time for next weekend as I have two Fairs!