February was a solid month without frills. Stamps are maintaining their popularity despite all the events that might discourage customers. When I am working on stamps, I can forget all that is going on. It is very therapeutic.
I have some new items on as we have put up some stamp videos. I will be very interested in feedback on these so we can provide more of what you like!


Belgian Congo + Ruanda. No new purchases this month, but I have finally got around to re-listing my stock. In the last few months there was a gremlin on this list. A good friend has relieved the problem and I have now re-listed the stock.

Canada. This time my Canadian supplier decided to send me the latest new issues without being told to! That takes me into the first issues of 2019 and nice stamps they are too.

Commonwealth QV-KG5. I am part way through the task of breaking down and Imperial album which was highly complete in many areas. I am probably about half way through the job. This month I priced up Kuwait, Montserrat, St Helena, St Lucia, New Guinea, Penrhyn Island, New Hebrides and Seychelles. At the same time I was merging into stock material from a former dealer which was highly duplicated. So lots of stuff!

Commonwealth QE2. In the last two months, I talked about the work on the first two volumes of this collection. This month I finished work on the remaining three volumes. The condition was excellent and many were postally used, covering the years 1953-71. Some of the countries represented were: Jamaica, KUT, Kuwait, Malawi, Montserrat, Pakistan, the Saints, Samoa, Malayan States, Sierra Leone, Trin + Tob, Uganda and Zambia. My stock of this period is now strong. Of course it is not complete but you are likely to find what you want in my lists!

Danish West Indies. A small selection of items which had been sitting in the Danish stock (as below) and there are a few items new to stock.

Danzig. A small collection housed on Ideal album pages came my way. I was pleased to fill a few gaps in my stock as well as add to my back-up stock.

Denmark. Not much activity here for a while. I had three collections that were partly worked on and at last, I got around to putting them away. There were quite a few gaps filled in my stock and the rest have gone in my back-up book.

Europa. Due to two keen collectors, I am putting in more effort on this area. Luckily I have an excellent supplier in Germany so it is a case of building up the stock bit by bit. First time around, I have bought fine used Europa stamps up to 2017 from these countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia and Moldova.
I have also received a second lot with Albania, Croatia, Russia and Ukraine.

French Colonies. I made a determined effort to price up all the stamps that were sitting in the Ideal album. The range was not comprehensive but there were several better values and generally good quality. Here are some of the better areas: Diego Suarez, Djibouti, French Guiana, Indian Settlements, Indo-China Posts in China, French Sudan, POs in the Turkish Empire, Port said, Syria, Congo and Morocco.

Hungary. This is a country I have neglected for too long. This time I have merged stamps and mini sheets from 1945-61, including some very scarce mini sheets. In addition there were quite a few mint mini sheets which I have put on my selection on

Japan. I dealt with two lots of fine used Japan during the 2000s. There are many complete sets and extra copies of most. Lovely stamps but so many! I still have more to sort but time was against me finishing this job.

Latin America. This month I priced up four countries from an Ideal album, so from the earliest issues up to 1936. The four countries are: Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia and the Dominican Republic. The selection has been “bitty” but with some better values here and there. I have lots more Latin America to work on, but time is the issue.

Former Yugoslav countries: Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia. In each case I bought stockbooks of highly duplicated stocks of these countries. The Croatia was of course during the Second World War but the other two were from the nineteenth century up to 1920. A skilled friend of mine helped by sorting the difficult early issues.  


A steady month, perhaps slightly busier than January. The number of orders was marginally up and the range was big. Something sold from almost all of my main countries. Yet again, Commonwealth and Australia were top sellers with mentions in despatches for Canada, France, Luxembourg, New Zealand, French Colonies and Japan.


I only attended one stamp fair in February. This was the monthly Wokingham Fair and yet again, it went well. It was different this time as I only had five customers but they were good regular customers. The event itself was not too busy. It was also a strange mix of material that sold: Barbados, Europa, Greenland and Oldenburg. I never mind what people buy as long as they do!
The Amersham Solo Fair was scuppered by heavy snow overnight the day before the event. Shame.
More news on the Potters Bar Fair which will take place on 26 May, 1 September and 17 November. The venue is the Wyllyotts Theatre, Darkes Lane, Potters Bar. I am currently taking bookings from the dealers for the event. Let’s hope the Fair works well and people come in their droves!