Another good month for sales especially at Fairs. I attend less Fairs than previously but the ones I do go to have been exceptional lately. Commonwealth stamps have been performing best but there is interest across the board: Europe, Colonies, Latin America etc. Also there are collectors for the nineteenth century and right through to new issues. It justifies holding a diverse stock although concentrating on one area would be more efficient.

I have just published the Commonwealth booklet showing a small selection of items for sale. The idea was to give new customers an idea of my range but also for anyone to find a few items to fill those big gaps. Another booklet, this time for Europe and Worldwide stamps is nearly ready to go to the printers. I am happy with the first booklet which ties in nicely with the Wants list booklet published recently.  


Australia. The new issue this month was about Bush Citrus. My Australian supplier has sent me a huge lot of stamps and mini sheets from my wants list. This was to plug the various gaps that appeared over the last few weeks and months.

Australian Antarctic Territory. The new issue depicts mapping.

—QV-KG5 New stock from Samoa and British Levant.
—St Vincent. A nicely duplicated collection from KG6 to 1980 came my way.
—Grenadines of St Vincent. 1973-80.
—KG6. I started breaking down a collection housing countries from the letter N onwards. More to come next month. The main additions this month were in Nabha, Newfoundland and North Borneo.

Denmark. Two sets of new issues: Dogs and Hands in Art (plus mini sheet).

Europa. After a brief interlude, I have been in touch with my German contact for Europa issues. This time I have received Europa stamps from the three Baltic States. He did not have everything I wanted but these are not easy to obtain.

France. France has become so popular this year that I need to keep ordering more stamps from my contact in Paris. He comes up with the majority of what I need and he is super quick too. I need very little right up to the 2010s so much of what I am buying comes from the last few years. I have five customers actively buying this period and there is room for more!  

French Colonies. I have continued to price up and re-organise my stock. This month I worked on French Equatorial Africa, French Guiana, French Guinea, French Indian Settlements, French Polynesia, French Post Offices, French Somali Coast, French Sudan, French West Africa, Gabon, Guadeloupe, Indo-China and Indo-Chinese Post Offices in China. Of course some ranges are better than others and in some cases the amount of material in the post-independence era is good too.  

Guernsey. My stock is already strong but I merged in a collection from the beginning to 2010. This did add a number of items, especially in the later years.

Ireland. A few new items from the KG5 overprints where I have a very strong selection. There were also some new issues: Moon Landing, Iris Murdoch, Rugby World Cup and the Carnegie Libraries.

Sweden. Just one set of new issues, about fashion.


The number of sales remains constant, at a level much higher than a year ago. This is good news except that I have less time for sorting new material! Particularly striking has been the quantity of new customers. The last four months have shown the biggest numbers since I started keeping records. Many re-order soon after the first order. I have a good spread across the country from the Highlands of Scotland to Wales, the South West and nearer to home. My main overseas market is Australia.

For a second month, sales of Commonwealth stamps were exceptionally high. All periods have been popular: QV right through to QE2. France and Australia continue to be the strongest countries followed by Ireland, French Colonies and Romania, all three of which are doing better than ever.  


I attended three Fairs during September and all three were well ahead of budget. I now run the Potters Bar Fair and it was pleasing to see the numbers of visitors was high and the other dealers were happy too. The venue, apart from being small, is excellent with good catering and a conducive atmosphere. I had good days at Wokingham and Sevenoaks.

The Commonwealth and France sold well plus meaningful sales of Australian States, Saar, Italian Areas and Romania.