I have been exceedingly busy during August in stamps and other matters. On a personal note, the annual Bird Fair takes place in mid-August each year and it is unmissable for anyone interested in birding. This year was even better than usual and I followed it up with three days in Norfolk, almost my second home.

With Charlotte’s help, I am producing a Commonwealth booklet giving a sample of some of the material in stock. This will be ready in a few days. Following that, I will start work on a similar booklet for European and Foreign stamps.  


Australia. New issues with a mini sheet for the Singpex exhibition and items for “In the Garden”

Canada. One new issue this month featuring Bears.

—Indian States. I bought a lot with a number of stamps from the KG6 period, including better values. The relevant states were Chamba, Cochin, Bundi and Bhopal.
—KG6 Colonies from A-D in the alphabet. These consisted of the definitive sets with the high values plus better stamps like Silver Weddings.
—Nigeria. I priced up stamps from a collection from KG5 to the 1990s.It included good numbers of commemoratives for the QE2 period.
—Palestine. New stock up to the 1930s.
—Papua. New stock arrived for the period before the PNG era.
—Rhodesia. Detailed stocks of the Double Head and Admiral issues have been added.
—St Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla. A very fine collection came my way. The range started with late KG5 and continued up to the separate issues for all three islands. There was also useful duplication.
—St Helena, St Lucia and St Vincent. A nice lot of QE2 stamps up to 1976.
—St Vincent. QV-KE7 stamps which included a number of new items.

Czech Republic. I received the new issues for the first half of 2019.

Ecuador. Just a small lot from the 1930s to the 1960s.

France. This country has been selling particularly well lately so I am obtaining new stock almost monthly. The main point of interest is that I have started again buying new issues as of 1 January 2019. This time around I received issues from January-April.

French Colonies. It takes time but I am making a determined effort to put together a decent stock of these Colonies plus post-Independence issues.
—Congo Brazzaville. I already had a decent lot of these but the new lot almost doubled my coverage.
—Dahomey. A nice amount of material both before and after independence.

Greece. Modern Greece is not easy to find so I was pleased to get this lot (1980-2009). I have made a small start on another lot that also included the 1970s.

Luxembourg. Someone had spent hours and hours putting together a hoard of Luxembourg from the 1940s to the 1970s. I filled some gaps in stock and deepened my back-up stock. Many of these items ere definitives but a good number of commemoratives were represented.

Romania. I had been meaning for a long time to sort out my Romania. I merged together my existing stock with stamps from a dozen more books. A friend of mine helped sort out the nineteenth century issues. I still have four books of more modern material to sort one of these days.

Switzerland. I have done little with Switzerland lately, but I merged into stock a good run-through of stamps from about 1900 to the 1970s, including Pro Juventute and Pro Patria with mini sheets.


A busy month but not featuring as much variety as in many previous months. It was by far the busiest month for sales of Commonwealth stamps and all periods were selected from QV to QE2. I am really glad I added the Commonwealth to my range about six years ago and just wish I had done so earlier.
Australia continues to be a top-seller but France is now my top single country and this necessitates rapid buying on my part. I am delighted my Parisian contact can cope with my demand and he is always super quick in replying. Canada and Czechoslovakia have also had a good month.


August is always a quiet month for Fairs for me. This year I only went to the monthly Wokingham Fair but it was very worthwhile, being considerably above budget.
I have produced my Fairs Programme for 2020 and it will be visible on his site by the time you read this. Additionally, I have fixed 4 dates for the Potters Bar Fair that I now run. The second Fair just took place on 1 September and I am pleased to report that both events have seen good numbers of visitors and dealers with bulging money boxes!