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Robin borwick

Robin borwick

Robstine Stamps

February was another busy month. Postal sales were very high and occupied much more of my time than previously. So much so that I had little time for pricing up new material. The new stock is not achieving much sitting on a shelf waiting to be looked at! So I will be adjusting a few things so I can get back to preparing more new material.

Another reason for a lack of work time was my holiday in the Gambia at the end of February. It was another birding trip and very enjoyable from that point of view with many colourful birds to be seen. A shame that an excess population is in the process of destroying the natural habitat, as in many parts of the world. All the “forests” we went to just had scrub and settlements encroaching.  


France. Due to its current popularity, I am having to re-order French stamps almost monthly. This time, my supplier sent me lots of stamps to plug gaps created by customers but also new material for the years 2014-8. I am experiencing heavy demand for the last few years of French stamps with an emphasis on mini sheets. 

German States. I bought an excellent collection of the States a short while ago. So far, I have priced up fur areas: Hannover, Schleswig Holstein, Hamburg and Thurn + Taxis. More will be done during March.

Liberia. A huge stock came my way during the month and it will take a long time to sort out. Much of the material consists of Latin America, Asia etc. The first country I worked was Liberia. I have doubled the amount of stock I have for this country although it is by no means comprehensive. 

Portuguese Colonies. Someone spent a lot of time building up a collection and I am now breaking it down to merge into my existing stock. Much of the material is from Mozambique and its constituent parts: Inhambane, Lourenco Marques, Tete etc plus the Mozambique and Nyassa Companies. The quality of the stamps is high and it is the most complete lot I have seen for the areas it covers. I am now working on St Thomas + Prince. 

United Nations. I have a small selection of the three Bureaux and a list has been created. As of today it has not yet been uploaded but that will be done soon. Their recent stamps are very appealing and feature many unique sites around the world.  


The last four months have seen a big increase in my postal sales. February was a notch up again. The number of orders compares with previous months and the size of the orders was impressive. Also notable was the number of new customers: always a good sign. 

Sales of Commonwealth stamps were at a peak followed by three usual contenders for top spot: Australia, Canada and France. Due to my new stock, Portuguese Colonies featured heavily, then notable were Czechoslovakia, Iceland and Monaco. 


I attended two Fairs in February: Amersham and Wokingham. The Amersham Fair was unbelievably good, beating all records for that venue. Wokingham was very good as usual, while not reaching the heights of some recent Fairs. 

It was a good month for sales of European countries. Less so for Commonwealth, which makes a change. Overall the range of material asked for was considerable which means I have to bring a wide range! Some less usual requests featured Egypt, Thurn + Taxis, Faroes and Estonia.   

I am sorry but I have decided to stop attending the Sevenoaks Fair. I am constantly in a position of having bought material but not having time to sort it. Something had to give and this seemed the most sensible option. I could only attend two Fairs there in 2019 and I was going to miss the summer date. I like continuity so when I decided to trim my Fairs programme, Sevenoaks was the obvious Fair to give way.