I have not had much chance to progress with the Ecuador, only crawling as far as 1965. My priority is
always processing incoming orders. This week seems a little quieter than recent weeks but much of the
day is still taken up this way. Not that I am complaining! I wonder how the hint of a reduction in the
lockdown will influence buying habits? In the immortal words of Kenneth Wolstenholme “Some
people think it is all over” but there is little real change for now. It would be nice to get out and about
but we have to accept that we cannot.
Finally I received a letter from the organisers officially cancelling this summer’s York Stamp Fair. It
looks like a long time before we see another Stamp Fair, so remember you can order from me by post,
email or phone instead!
I received one of the new issues from Australia. There are four stamps plus four self-adhesive) for
Legends of Comedy. I am missing some Australian new issues, perhaps lost in the post.