29th September 2020

I have got back up to date with a little more SG numbers. I added Faroes and Czech Republic. The only problem with Czech Republic is that I am missing…

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28th September 2020

I am well behind with catalogue numbers for new issues. So today I got back up to date with SG numbers for Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, France and Germany.…

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27th September 2020

I added some Fiji and Tonga today. In both cases, the stamps were from the very early years through to the 1930s. A good number of items that are new…

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26th September 2020

More work on the Portuguese Colonies. One volume was sparse but had some decent odd values inside. St Thomas/Prince and Timor featured as well as bits and bobs of other…

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25th September 2020

Today I worked on a collection of Portuguese India. There were items from all periods, although it was not a comprehensive collection. The Portuguese Colonies have been selling well lately.

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23rd September 2020

It was back to Latin America today. I priced up a small lot of Honduras and merged it into my existing stock. Honduras has proved popular so more stock will…

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21st September 2020

It was the turn of the Malay States this morning. There are watermark and printing differences in the modern era (1965 Orchids, 1971 Butterflies and 1979 Flowers) and I wanted…

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19th September 2020

Today I added more Gilbert + Ellice Islands with excellent KE7 + KG5 issues. This was another part of my recent British Pacific purchases. After that, I worked on British…

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18th September 2020

I priced up the other two French Pacific Colonies. The best area by far was the Wallis + Futuna Islands.I have not really had much of these before but the…

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17th September 2020

Last week, I bought two wonderful collections of stamps from the Pacific. Much of the content was Commonwealth, but there were three French Colonies too. Today I priced up a…

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