29th November 2020

This weekend was a GB weekend. I worked on three albums with recent commemoratives and mini sheets, adding a number of stamps to my list. Similarly I put away various…

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27th November 2020

The Irish U2 issue has arrived. There are four stamps, housed n a booklet plus mini sheet and souvenir sheet. The Irish Christmas will be with me soon.

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26th November 2020

I have now received 5 packets from my USA supplier. These covered 2018-20 and are very comprehensive. USA has been selling well again after a long period in the doldrums…

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23rd November 2020

Australia recently produced a set of four stamps depicting World Heritage sites. There is also a set of four self-adhesive. They are now in stock. Similarly my Canadian supplier has…

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21st November 2020

I have now finished work on the Dominican Republic (for now!) Book three covered stamps of the period 1980 to the late 1990s and here were also back of book…

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20th November 2020

Some weeks ago, I bought a collection of Angola. I knew it has a lot of mint included and it was a little bit disorganised. However when I got to…

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19th November 2020

It was some time since I last bought recent USA material. So I asked my main USA supplier to prepare things for me. He is sending me stamps in several…

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17th November 2020

The latest Australian new issues to arrive consist of two sets. The Civil Aviation issue has two values plus a self-adhesive stamp and a mini sheet. Then there are two…

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13th-15th November 2020

I have been working on Dominican Republic and have got as far as 1980. This is a very good collection/lot with handy duplication and a high degree of completeness. There…

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11th November 2020

My New Zealand supplier has sent me more new issues. This time there is a set of 4 stamps and a mini sheet for Maori Language Week and a set…

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