31 May 2021

Trinidad + Tobago. A small selection where the majority was in early QE2, including some new to stock.

25 May 2021

Canada new issues: Junos, Insulin, Eid and 2 stamps plus mini sheet for Ballet.

Turks + Caicos Islands. A smallish dealer’s stock (the stock was small not the dealer!) It included stamps from all the reigns but the majority were QE2 and that is where the bulk of the new material was. There were sets going up to 1980.

24 May 2021

I added a small quantity of Australian States to stock today. All States were represented but the largest quantity were from South Australia. There were some superb used among them but of course many were nearer good used as is usually the case with Australian States.   

21 May 2021

All week I have been working on my Cuba stock. Recent additions go all the way through to 1980, although my list already contains many more recent issues. I have a high degree of completeness in the modern issues.

14 May 2021

Modern gaudy collection of

—Cook Islands 1965-75

—Aitutaki 1972-5

—Penrhyn 1973-5 plus later stamps of sailing Craft

Mostly complete sets with several mini sheets. The Penrhyn was completely new to stock.

The only drawback is that many of the stamps are still on piece because when I started soaking some stamps, they stuck to the paper and seemed welded on.