28 June 2021

Germany. A few items to plug gaps in stock from 1925-44.

German Colonies. Again, filling some gaps in stock across the board.

Australia. New issues. National heritage (3 values) and Migratory Shorebirds (3 stamps plus 3 self-adhesive stamps and a mini sheet). Also the mini sheet for last Christmas which seems to have been missed at the correct time.

18 June 2021

Bavaria. Recently I bought another big accumulation of Bavarian stamps with some other German States. The stamps I worked on today were those from 1862-1911. I now have an extensive range plus good back up stocks of this period.

17 June 2021

Austria. I have been working on this lot on and off over the last week. It seems to be a complete run from 2003-10 including all the mini sheets. Austria produces lovely stamps and as such is always a popular collecting country.

French Colonies. A varied selection providing quite a few new items for my stock:

—French Post Offices


—the Afars + Isars

—French West Africa


12 June 2021

Portugal. A big stock from 1853-1883/94 with shades and perf variations.

Turks + Caicos Islands. A small range from 1867-1935.

11 June 2021

French Colonies. A good range of French Post Offices in Zanzibar plus some French Post Offices in Port Said.

7 June 2021

Sweden. Today I worked on a very good collection of Sweden from the earliest issues to 1964. As you may know, I already had most of these stamps, but a few gaps were filled and much useful back-up too. There were hardly any gaps in the collection, so all the 1924 UPU issues were there plus most other high value items. A good selection of Officials and Postage Dues was present too.  

5 June 2021

Bulgaria. On and off this week, I have been extending my coverage of Bulgaria from 1967-78. Most of the stamps are present and a good quantity of the mini sheets. I will pause and resume shortly as there is plenty more to do but other countries deserve some attention.

4 June 2021

Australia. My contact in Australia has supplied me with some items from a list I sent him. Odd values from 1970-2018 made up this lot so most of my gaps in stock have no been filled.  It is getting harder for my contact to fulfil my orders as stocks are hard to come by.

3 June 2021

New Zealand new issues. Four stamps and a mini sheet for Queen Elizabeth’s birthday and the same showing Sarah Featon’s work illustrating flowers and other plants.