15 July 2021

France. My supplier in Paris has sent me an excellent selection again. There were a few stamps to fill gaps in early and middle periods of French philately but as usual most of the new material is from the 2010s, making me largely complete up to 2018 with a decent range for 2019. France is one of the few countries where I have a strong following for recent issues.

14 July 2021

Denmark. My contacts in Denmark have sent me some items n my wants list. I have plugged the gaps in my stock of Danish mini sheets. In addition there ere some Postage Dues and Postal Ferry stamps. Hopefully some “normal” stamps will come along soon.

8 July 2021

Faroes new issues including Historical Maps, the Puffin, Cattle Farming and the Centenary of a Royal Visit to the Faroes.

Today I finally finished work on that enormous Bulgarian lot. As you will have seen, it has occupied me on and off for weeks. The coverage of this lot was from early issues up to 1993. It was 90-95% complete for stamps with quite a few mini sheets and sheetlets. There is still work to be done on other lots, but this was the time-consuming part in setting out the stock.

6 July 2021

After a few days off, I am back at work.

I am nearly finished taking material from an Imperial album. This time I added some Barbados, Bechuanaland, Bermuda, British Guiana, Brunei, Burma, Cyprus with Postage Dues from Trinidad. Many of these stamps were already in stock, but some new items all the same. I am still hoping a really impressive collection of early Commonwealth comes along. With covid, there has been limited movement of stocks.