25 July 2021

Andorra. Once upon a time, I had a fabulous stock of Andorra but after a period without any takers, I sold the lot. Now there is renewed interest. I have bought two collections of French Andorra with a small range of Spanish as well. The French selection is strong from the first set of overprints right through to the 2000s.

28 July 2021

Ireland new issues. The subjects: Pride, centenary of the Truce and Irish Singer Songwriters.

2 August 2021

Australia new issues. A single stamp before the Tokyo Olympics plus 4stamps, 4 self-adhesives and a mini sheet for modern sculpture. The missing pigeon stamp has also arrived.

3 August 2021

Over the last few days I have been working on my San Marino stock. It needed re-organising plus I had two new collections to merge in and the Europa stamps wanted to be included. My coverage is very strong up to the 1970s with a smattering after that. Lots of high values in the early period.

10 August 2021

Canada new issues. Two stamps commemorating John Turner and Stan Rogers plus stamps and mini sheet for the Blue Nose. The Blue Nose mini sheet was also overprinted for the CAPEX show.

11 August 2021

Australia new issue. Four stamps and four self-adhesive stamps depicting their Volcanic Past.