12 August 2021

Sweden. My Swedish supplier has sent me a bumper lot following a wants list I gave him. The period covered was 1938-2008 and he managed to fill the majority of gaps in my stock over those years. A few other stamps had sold out since I ordered from him but these can be taken care of next time. In addition I have from him the latest new issues including stamps depicting porcelain, votes for women and another stamp showing Queen Silvia.

New Zealand. New issues showing Matariki-the Family of Light (4 stamps plus mini sheet). One stamp plus two self-adhesives to continue the Scenic Definitives series and a strip of 5 Kiwi stamps.

13 August 2021

Denmark. This used to be one of my strongest countries when I had a regular supplier in the country. Sadly he passed away a few years ago and my stock had become thin in places despite some good purchases. Now I have new suppliers and they have managed to fill almost all the gaps I tried to fill. This new influx covers the years 1907-2013 and compliments the range of mini sheets and back of book issues received a few weeks ago.