18 August 2021

French Colonies. Recently I bought a fabulous collection in 4 volumes. Today I made a start, working on General Issues, French Equatorial Africa, French West Africa, the Alaouites and Alexandria. There are plenty of new items now in stock. This only scratches the surface, with much more to come.  

19 August 2021

French Colonies. More sorted: Algeria, Anjouan, Annam + Tonking, Benin and Cameroun. Again there are lots of new items for stock with top values including some very scarce Algerian stamps.

21 August 2021

French Cols: new material from the following: Kavalla, French POs in China, Indo-Chinese POs in China (General + Canton), modern Comoros, Congo and Ivory Coast.

24 August 2021

Australia new issues. A set of Bonsai trees with 3 stamps plus a self-adhesive high value and mini sheet.

26 August 2021

French Somali Coast with Afars + Issas. More from the same French Colonies collection. This area was very strong and completely transformed my stock of this part.