4 September 2021

More French Colonies: today Dahomey, Dedeagatz, Diego Suarez, Fezzan, Gabon, Great Comoro and Guadeloupe. Lots of new material.

6 September 2021

Australia new issues. 17 Gold Medal Winners.

7 September 2021

French Guinea. Several new items added to stock. This finishes book one of a four volume collection. I will work on something different before returning to the French Colonies.

8 September 2021

Commonwealth. I put away stamps from three small collections: Falklands, Pitcairn and St Christopher-Nevis. In each case, the period covered was 1953-mid 1970s and although not complete, each gave a fair representation of their stamps. There were a few items needed to fill gaps left by eager customers!

Rhodesia + Nyasaland. The best part here was the Malawi collection which had stamps from the first issues through to about 1985. Much of this was new to my stock and although there was only one copy of each, is proving very useful. There were smatterings from Northern and Southern Rhodesia as well as Rhodesia + Nyasaland. Lastly the UDI period of Rhodesia was well stocked and this was especially welcome as I have sold lots of these recently.