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The Robstine Handbooks

To help my customers discover what Robstine has to offer, I have produced two free handbooks:

The Commonwealth booklet and the European/Rest of World booklet.

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Newsletter April 2020

March has been a terrible month for many people. The coronavirus has taken hold and we are all in virtual lockdown. There is nothing we can do about it apart from obeying the instructions and getting on with life at home. It is desperately sad for those immediately affected by the virus but heart-warming to see the response from many across the country. As with sport, stamp collecting seems to be of little importance compared to the state of the nation and much of the world. All the same we need things to occupy our minds while waiting for the

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Newsletter March 2020

February was another busy month. Postal sales were very high and occupied much more of my time than previously. So much so that I had little time for pricing up new material. The new stock is not achieving much sitting on a shelf waiting to be looked at! So I will be adjusting a few things so I can get back to preparing more new material. Another reason for a lack of work time was my holiday in the Gambia at the end of February. It was another birding trip and very enjoyable from that point of view with many

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Newsletter February 2020

Newsletter February 2020 We are back on track again with this Newsletter following the late publishing of that for January. We have changed the hosts of the site and any hand over can cause delays. I think you will be excited by the changes planned for and I cannot wait to see them myself. January was a big month for Stamp Fairs and they were all good, although a little better would have been nice. Postal sales continued at a high level with many new customers again. Updates on Stock Australia. The first issue for 2020 was the Occasions

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Newsletter January 2020

Here we are at the start of a new decade. My business feels ready for the possible challenges. I have a solid stock of fine used stamps and supplies are not hard to find. I have worked with many of my suppliers for years and years and I know I can rely on them. Much of the sorting in December was completing the KG6 Commonwealth and the French Colonies. Now I can get on with other things! With Charlotte’s help, we have uploaded lots of KG6 items to and this is paying dividends. UPDATES ON STOCK Austria. My German

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NEWSLETTER DECEMBER 2019 Much of my time in November was just processing orders. Usually I finish the orders by about 2.30 then have a chance to price up new material. On several days I was still putting together the orders after 6.00. So the list of new stock is shorter than normal. I am not complaining as I am of course glad to receive so many orders. Earlier in the autumn I arranged to have inserts in SG Monthly and Stamp magazine. These inserts gave a coupon response so people could ask me to send them either or both of

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NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER 2019 This month was truncated by my holiday in Trinidad and Tobago, another birding holiday. I had never been anywhere tropical before so that alone was an experience. The birds were fantastic and we saw large parts of the islands and how the other half lives. I managed to price up less stock than usual due to my absence so now I have my work cut out to make up lost ground! I have ordered more France and USA and need to find more in advance of the Winter York fair. Purchases of collections and lots has been

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NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2019 Another good month for sales especially at Fairs. I attend less Fairs than previously but the ones I do go to have been exceptional lately. Commonwealth stamps have been performing best but there is interest across the board: Europe, Colonies, Latin America etc. Also there are collectors for the nineteenth century and right through to new issues. It justifies holding a diverse stock although concentrating on one area would be more efficient. I have just published the Commonwealth booklet showing a small selection of items for sale. The idea was to give new customers an idea of my

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NEWSLETTER SEPTEMBER 2019 I have been exceedingly busy during August in stamps and other matters. On a personal note, the annual Bird Fair takes place in mid-August each year and it is unmissable for anyone interested in birding. This year was even better than usual and I followed it up with three days in Norfolk, almost my second home. With Charlotte’s help, I am producing a Commonwealth booklet giving a sample of some of the material in stock. This will be ready in a few days. Following that, I will start work on a similar booklet for European and Foreign

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NEWSLETTER AUGUST 2019 July kept me busy even without taking the York Fair into account. I am pleased to see so many people wanting to add to their collections and I do not mind which countries they go for. In the next few weeks, plans are afoot to work on the French Colonies, Romania, Bulgaria and Latin America but keeping things going with my ”core” countries. There is a lot to do but we will see how the time goes. Last week I had a new computer installed. After a couple of days, I think we had all the major

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NEWSLETTER JULY 2019 June was another good month and continues the improvement on last year’s figures. I have a nice band of regular postal customers which has been added to by several new people. I only went away once this month and that was to the Alicante region of Spain. A friend and I had a five day trip in search of three target birds to see and we were successful. The trip was very enjoyable and I came away with a good feeling for the region, if you stand back from the tourist sprawl. UPDATES ON STOCK This looks

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NEWSLETTER JUNE 2019 I was pleased with trade during May. Two very good Fairs and better than average postal sales. There were more new customers this month than usual and some returning as well, partly due to the Wants List Book that I produced a few weeks ago. More than ever, the variety of countries being collected is notable.I have decided to press on with more items for the site and to widen the coverage to include many cheaper items. It is good to show the better stamps and sets so you can see what you are buying but such items

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NEWSLETTER MAY 2019 At the beginning of April, I went to Antwerp to attend the annual Spring Stamp Fair. This is the third year running I have been there, always in a buying capacity. It was excellent again with new material from Belgium, Serbia, Japan etc as detailed below. I have four main contacts there now who are all very helpful. Apart from that, I have been working hard to get my backlog of unsorted stamps down to a manageable size. Time is always against me but I think you will agree my work this month offers a wide variety

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NEWSLETTER APRIL 2019 An average month in many ways, March has come and gone. New material has been coming in much as before, with some especially good items now in stock. Postal sales were reasonable and the only Fair was superb. I have now received the Wants List books which we were having printed. I am very happy with the appearance and hope they are useful for my customers. Many years ago we produced something like this but this time around the result is much better. On I am just beginning to input album pages, a new area for that site.

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NEWSLETTER MARCH 2019 February was a solid month without frills. Stamps are maintaining their popularity despite all the events that might discourage customers. When I am working on stamps, I can forget all that is going on. It is very therapeutic.I have some new items on as we have put up some stamp videos. I will be very interested in feedback on these so we can provide more of what you like! UPDATES ON STOCK Belgian Congo + Ruanda. No new purchases this month, but I have finally got around to re-listing my stock. In the last few months there was a

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NEWSLETTER FEBRUARY 2019 January was an excellent month all told. The winter York Fair was superb as were the other Fairs in the month. Postal sales were quite good too. In between this, I managed to price up lots of new stock too (as below). Last month, I said that the organiser of the Potters Bar Fair had cancelled all future dates. Just this week I have found a new venue so shortly, the publicity for the new Fair will appear, It was a Fair we did not like to lose and hopefully this will work. UPDATES ON STOCK SG

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