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NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2019 A short month due to Christmas. Usually the second half of the month is quiet as collectors have other things on their minds. So I did the only logical thing and pushed off to the Algarve on a birding holiday. It was a thoroughly enjoyable week with better weather, good food and drink, good birds and good company. During the rest of the month, things were good. The three Fairs were fabulous and postal sales were pretty strong. I made more wise stock purchases and managed to price up a lot of new material. UPDATES ON STOCK

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NEWSLETTER DECEMBER 2018 For me, November was a work month and I only took a couple of days off, birding in Norfolk. I was pleased with my turnover at fairs and by post and I got on with more sorting and pricing up of new stock. Perhaps the main work was done on Brazil and Italian Colonies with more Commonwealth too. It looks like I will be attending less Fairs in 2019 (see the Fairs section below). Thinking positively, that should give me more time for sorting new material! UPDATES ON STOCK Australia. They have been producing lots of new

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NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER 2018 I was kept busy during October. Four Fairs were excellent and postal sales made a strong recovery. Lots of stock to arrange and price up and items to add to the selection on www.robstineextra.comI went on a trip to Amsterdam in mid-month in order to take in two Fairs in the eastern town of Apeldoorn. One Fair is annual and the other is a more homely monthly event which I have visited twice before. I now have a few good contacts at these events and they did not let me down with the stocks I wanted. This year

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NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2018 September has been a strange month. It was the quietest month for postal sales for nearly two years but the Fairs have been performing well. I received some notable postal orders but there were distinct lulls. Were you on holiday!?! I had a holiday myself, visiting Bulgaria for the autumn migration. Big numbers of Eagles fly close to the west coast of the Black Sea, showing themselves overhead in all their splendour. The weather was too good for the smaller birds, which just kept going instead of stopping for us to see them! As you will see

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NEWSLETTER SEPTEMBER 2018 I really enjoyed the hotter weather. My office is on the cool side of the house with the sun only coming round at about 5pm, so working conditions have been pleasant. On the other hand, many customers have taken the summer off and sales have been down accordingly. As you will see below, I have been able to add to my stock lists during the month and have plans to is now coming into its own and I am increasing the range of items to be seen on it. We are now up to 2750 or so.I

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NEWSLETTER AUGUST 2018 July has been a notable month, one way or another. We have been enjoying (or enduring) the extended hot spell and there was the second half of the World Cup. These two events have brought business to some sectors of the economy but not stamp dealing! The number of orders by post has been down and attendances at Fairs has also been low. It is what one would expect. However my figures have not been too bad with a number of dedicated collectors carrying on as before. Processing less orders, I have had more time to price

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NEWSLETTER JULY 2018 After returning from Finland on 2 June, I stayed here without any trips! I got my nose down and sorted lots of material for stock as you will see below. I have ordered stamps from my top-selling countries for the York Fair (20-21 July) and most has arrived. There are stamps from Canada, Sweden and France to come. June was busy with four Fairs and a high number of postal sales. I am a little disappointed there has not been a more sales from but we will press ahead as I am convinced it will be a winner. I

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Newsletter June 2018

NEWSLETTER JUNE 2018 I was on my travels this month. I had two shortish birding trips (Devon + Cornwall and Norfolk) for migration in this country. Then I went to Finland at the end of the month on another birding trip, mainly to see Owls. However I extended the trip forwards to see if I could find a supplier for Finnish stamps. I did make contact with someone in Finland and came back with lots of items from 1999-2007, a tricky period. It was also educational. Across Europe, collectors like to obtain stamps with full cancellations (date, town etc) whereas

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Newsletter May 2018

NEWSLETTER MAY 2018 Similar to the weather, this month has been very variable. One week was jolly busy with several good sales, then the next week was like falling off a cliff (although I do not intend to find out how it feels). It felt like the poorer the weather, the less orders I received and I have never noticed that so starkly before. As I write this, the sun is beating down and there is not a cloud in the sky, so I am hopeful! Progress is being made on my second web site and by the time you read this,

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Newsletter April 2018

NEWSLETTER APRIL 2018 March has been a very busy month. As you can see below I have priced up a huge range of new stock from a number of different countries. Lots more to do. Perhaps I had a little more time on my hands as the number of postal orders was slightly down, but still with a high yield. The cold weather must have had an effect too, especially as snow prevented me from attending the Sevenoaks Fair.The other big news is the launch of my second web site: Here you will find a growing range of items across the

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Newsletter March 2018

NEWSLETTER MARCH 2018 February was of course a short month especially as I had a short break to Estonia on a birding holiday. The main reason for going was to see Steller’s Eider, an arctic duck which you can see on the Aland Islands stamp. The temperature was minus 2-6 all the time so I was prepared for the weather here at the end of the month! Much of my sorting activity was concentrated on the QE2 Commonwealth lot with time spent also on the Egypt. Lots to do still so I will not be bored! UPDATES ON STOCK Canada.

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Newsletter February 2018

NEWSLETTER FEBRUARY 2018 2018 has begun in a very promising way. Lots of orders through the post, including several new customers And a busy York Fair, again with new customers among the hardy regulars. I managed a short birding break to Norfolk early in the month. My stay there coincided with three days of storm force winds from Siberia which made walks “interesting”. One of the mornings at Holme was fabulous as the winds had forced the seabirds to move along the coast. I found a sheltered spot in the dunes which made observation more easy. I have been offered

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Newsletter January 2018

NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2018 December was a strange month, not just because of Christmas, but partly due to the poorer weather. I had to duck out of the Wokingham Fair due to frightful weather and not many people came to see me at Oxford. I enjoyed a trip to Cyprus over Christmas itself, joining a group of natural history enthusiasts. Much of the weather was balmy with temperatures over 20 and this always lifts the spirits. The sight of a pair of Bonelli’s Eagles overhead was the highlight. Back to stamps. I made a major purchase this month. Much of it is

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