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My E-Commerce website, where you will find offers of thousands of high quality stamp images of each item and can buy online.

Robin Borwick, Robstine Stamps, Fine Used Stamp Dealer UK

100% Refund Guarantee!

You are fully protected by my 100% Money Back Guarantee. Although my lists are usually accurate, you can return any mis-described item for a refund. Please view refund policy for details.

Robin Borwick, Robstine Stamps, Fine Used Stamp Dealer UK, British Commonwealth fine used stamps Booklet, European fine used stamps booklet,

The Robstine Handbooks

To help my customers discover what Robstine has to offer, I have produced two free handbooks:

The Commonwealth booklet and the European/Rest of World booklet.

These feature a number of items for sale taken from my extensive range! Click on the button below to fill in your details. We will pop them in the post FREE of charge.

How To order and make payments online

We have improved Robstine Stamps with the ability of ordering and paying online.

To order online:

  1. Look through the lists and decide which stamps you require.
  2. Go down the page to the order form.
  3. Add your required stamps to the write list here box. You can add as many as you require.
  4. In the total box, type the total cost of all the stamps you wish to purchase. Click Next.
  5. Choose your shipping by ticking a box.
  6. Add all your contact details. 
  7. The grand total
  8. Then pay by either clicking the Paypal button if you wish to pay through paypal, or the debit and credit card button.

Rest assured we take your security very seriously and payments made on this website are secure via Paypal and Stripe operating systems.

If you would still prefer to send an order form with a cheque through the post, click the button on your right for a printable order form and post it to: Robstine Stamps, PO Box 129, Bordon, Hants.GU35 8YD, UK

Phone orders

You can also call us and place your order using debit/credit card. Telephone number: +44(0)1428 717848