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Robstine Stamps will be attending Virtual Stampex, don't forget to save the date and join us online from 1-3rd October. Online Registration is OPEN from 1st August! #stampex #lookfortheshield @theptsandstampex

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Robstine Stamps will be attending Virtual Stampex, don't forget to save the date and join us online from 1-3rd October.
Online Registration is OPEN from 1st August! #stampex #lookfortheshield @theptsandstampex

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6th-15th July 2021

15 July 2021

France. My supplier in Paris has sent me an excellent selection again. There were a few stamps to fill gaps in early and middle periods of French philately but as usual most of the new material is from the 2010s, making me largely complete up to 2018 with a decent range for 2019. France is one of the few countries where I have a strong following for recent issues.

14 July 2021

Denmark. My contacts in Denmark have sent me some items n my wants list. I have plugged the gaps in my stock of Danish mini sheets. In addition there ere some Postage Dues and Postal Ferry stamps. Hopefully some “normal” stamps will come along soon.

8 July 2021

Faroes new issues including Historical Maps, the Puffin, Cattle Farming and the Centenary of a Royal Visit to the Faroes.

Today I finally finished work on that enormous Bulgarian lot. As you will have seen, it has occupied me on and off for weeks. The coverage of this lot was from early issues up to 1993. It was 90-95% complete for stamps with quite a few mini sheets and sheetlets. There is still work to be done on other lots, but this was the time-consuming part in setting out the stock.

6 July 2021

After a few days off, I am back at work.

I am nearly finished taking material from an Imperial album. This time I added some Barbados, Bechuanaland, Bermuda, British Guiana, Brunei, Burma, Cyprus with Postage Dues from Trinidad. Many of these stamps were already in stock, but some new items all the same. I am still hoping a really impressive collection of early Commonwealth comes along. With covid, there has been limited movement of stocks.

3rd-28th June 2021

28 June 2021

Germany. A few items to plug gaps in stock from 1925-44.

German Colonies. Again, filling some gaps in stock across the board.

Australia. New issues. National heritage (3 values) and Migratory Shorebirds (3 stamps plus 3 self-adhesive stamps and a mini sheet). Also the mini sheet for last Christmas which seems to have been missed at the correct time.

18 June 2021

Bavaria. Recently I bought another big accumulation of Bavarian stamps with some other German States. The stamps I worked on today were those from 1862-1911. I now have an extensive range plus good back up stocks of this period.

17 June 2021

Austria. I have been working on this lot on and off over the last week. It seems to be a complete run from 2003-10 including all the mini sheets. Austria produces lovely stamps and as such is always a popular collecting country.

French Colonies. A varied selection providing quite a few new items for my stock:

—French Post Offices


—the Afars + Isars

—French West Africa


12 June 2021

Portugal. A big stock from 1853-1883/94 with shades and perf variations.

Turks + Caicos Islands. A small range from 1867-1935.

11 June 2021

French Colonies. A good range of French Post Offices in Zanzibar plus some French Post Offices in Port Said.

7 June 2021

Sweden. Today I worked on a very good collection of Sweden from the earliest issues to 1964. As you may know, I already had most of these stamps, but a few gaps were filled and much useful back-up too. There were hardly any gaps in the collection, so all the 1924 UPU issues were there plus most other high value items. A good selection of Officials and Postage Dues was present too.  

5 June 2021

Bulgaria. On and off this week, I have been extending my coverage of Bulgaria from 1967-78. Most of the stamps are present and a good quantity of the mini sheets. I will pause and resume shortly as there is plenty more to do but other countries deserve some attention.

4 June 2021

Australia. My contact in Australia has supplied me with some items from a list I sent him. Odd values from 1970-2018 made up this lot so most of my gaps in stock have no been filled.  It is getting harder for my contact to fulfil my orders as stocks are hard to come by.

3 June 2021

New Zealand new issues. Four stamps and a mini sheet for Queen Elizabeth’s birthday and the same showing Sarah Featon’s work illustrating flowers and other plants.

14th -31st May 2021

31 May 2021

Trinidad + Tobago. A small selection where the majority was in early QE2, including some new to stock.

25 May 2021

Canada new issues: Junos, Insulin, Eid and 2 stamps plus mini sheet for Ballet.

Turks + Caicos Islands. A smallish dealer’s stock (the stock was small not the dealer!) It included stamps from all the reigns but the majority were QE2 and that is where the bulk of the new material was. There were sets going up to 1980.

24 May 2021

I added a small quantity of Australian States to stock today. All States were represented but the largest quantity were from South Australia. There were some superb used among them but of course many were nearer good used as is usually the case with Australian States.   

21 May 2021

All week I have been working on my Cuba stock. Recent additions go all the way through to 1980, although my list already contains many more recent issues. I have a high degree of completeness in the modern issues.

14 May 2021

Modern gaudy collection of

—Cook Islands 1965-75

—Aitutaki 1972-5

—Penrhyn 1973-5 plus later stamps of sailing Craft

Mostly complete sets with several mini sheets. The Penrhyn was completely new to stock.

The only drawback is that many of the stamps are still on piece because when I started soaking some stamps, they stuck to the paper and seemed welded on.  

13th May 2021

Ireland new issues: Jane Lady Wilde, People for Planet, Ice Man and Europa Wildlife. No new mini sheets.

New Zealand. The last part from the order I placed with my NZ supplier. These filled gaps in stock from 1963-2006 with many awkward values among them.  

British Indian Ocean Territory. An excellent collection from SG 1 in 1968 to 2003, almost complete for stamps and mini sheets. Completely transformed my range.  

11th May 2021

It has taken a long time but I have completed work on Bulgaria 1950-67. The range is almost complete with lots of duplication in places. Mini sheets represented too. I will come back to Bulgaria soon as there is plenty more to be done!

9th May 2021

My New Zealand supplier is sending me stamps from a list I emailed to him. So far, I have received stamps and mini sheets from 2006 towards the present day. More to come.

8th May 2021

Some Commonwealth material has been sorted. This all relates to items taken from an Imperial album, so from QV-KG5.

—Sudan, especially Officials, Army Post and Dues.


—Western Australia plus a few Tasmania and Victoria

—St Lucia


6th May 2021

I have renewed work on Bulgaria but will add a note about it when the work is finished.

5th May 2021

Australia new issues: stamp for Rotary International plus two stamps for Lest We Forget (plus two self-adhesive staps and mini sheet).

1st May 2021

Falkland Dependencies + South Georgia. Nearly complete from KG6 to 2003.

British Antarctic Territory. Two collections, covering the years 1963-2003 with a high degree of completeness, including mini sheets.

30th April 2021

Paraguay. A small collection from the beginning to the early 1990s. Unfortunately it is very sparse so not up to the same standard as many of my Latin American countries. I have lots more Latin America to sort when the time is right!

29th April 2021

More Australian new issues. This time Legends of Cricket, six stamps plus the same six as self-adhesive. Hopefully that is the only six they will score this year!

28th April 2021

Faroes new issues: Beethoven, Motion Pictures, Chess, Chasubles, Postal History, Transplanted, 2 settlements, the Eysturoy Tunnel and Andrea Arting. This brings me up to March 2021.

New Stock: 26th April 2021

Iceland big collection from 1882-2016. Very few gaps in the collection except perhaps early 2000s. Included mostly complete sets and almost all mini sheets. Some duplication to keep more than one customer happy!

New Stock 22nd April 2021

Australia new issues: Edith Cowan + HMVS Cerberus single stamps, Perth Stamp Show mini sheet and Holden Cars (set of 5 plus 5 self-adhesive and mini sheet)

AAT New issue for Arts Fellowship: four stamps plus mini sheet.

New Stock 17th April 2021

A small but valuable collection of Italy:

—“Normal” stamps from 1863-1942 with several high values

—Early Postage Dues

—Parcel Post issues from 1927-38

—1924-5 stamps with advertising labels

—a big selection of Social Republic

Plenty of new material here. 

New Stock: 16th April 2021

Various early Commonwealth stamps:

—Southern Rhodesia 1924-35

—Southern Nigeria 1901-12

—Seychelles 1890-1932

—St Lucia 1864-1935

—Sierra leone 1859-1932

—St Vincent 1895-1932

My existing stock is strong but there were a few new items across the board.

New Stock: 14th April 2021

Fabulous lot of Italian Colonies with most areas represented: Dodecanese, Eritrea, Libya, Tripolitania, Somalia, East Africa and General Colonies. I thought my stock was strong but over half the stamps in this selection were new. 

New Stock: 12th April 2021

I was 6 months behind with new listings, using SG numbers from SG Monthly. The countries involved are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Faroes, France and Norway

New stock

—New Zealand: extensive stock from 1873-1926 with a few later. Good selection of QV advert stamps and perf and watermark varieties throughout. Also back of book.

—St Christopher a few stamps 1870-86

—Sarawak 1869-1934