New Stock: 26th April 2021

Iceland big collection from 1882-2016. Very few gaps in the collection except perhaps early 2000s. Included mostly complete sets and almost all mini sheets. Some duplication to keep more than…

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New Stock 22nd April 2021

Australia new issues: Edith Cowan + HMVS Cerberus single stamps, Perth Stamp Show mini sheet and Holden Cars (set of 5 plus 5 self-adhesive and mini sheet) AAT New issue…

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New Stock 17th April 2021

A small but valuable collection of Italy: ---“Normal” stamps from 1863-1942 with several high values ---Early Postage Dues ---Parcel Post issues from 1927-38 ---1924-5 stamps with advertising labels ---a big…

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New Stock: 16th April 2021

Various early Commonwealth stamps: ---Southern Rhodesia 1924-35 ---Southern Nigeria 1901-12 ---Seychelles 1890-1932 ---St Lucia 1864-1935 ---Sierra leone 1859-1932 ---St Vincent 1895-1932 My existing stock is strong but there were a…

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New Stock: 14th April 2021

Fabulous lot of Italian Colonies with most areas represented: Dodecanese, Eritrea, Libya, Tripolitania, Somalia, East Africa and General Colonies. I thought my stock was strong but over half the stamps…

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New Stock: 12th April 2021

I was 6 months behind with new listings, using SG numbers from SG Monthly. The countries involved are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Faroes, France and Norway

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New stock

---New Zealand: extensive stock from 1873-1926 with a few later. Good selection of QV advert stamps and perf and watermark varieties throughout. Also back of book. ---St Christopher a few…

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9th April 2021

My stock of Germany is strong but there is always room for improvement. I had a collection of Germany 1872-1945 sitting on my shelf for ages and I finally got…

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6th April 2021

My NZ supplier sent me the latest new issues. There is a set and mini sheet for the Yacht Squadron plus a topical sheetlet of 9 stamps for Holiday at…

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5th April 2021

Just as the Chile, I processed a collection of Peru. It was from the same stable, so it covered the years from a few early stamps then gradually petering out…

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