6th-15th July 2021

15 July 2021 France. My supplier in Paris has sent me an excellent selection again. There were a few stamps to fill gaps in early and middle periods of French…

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3rd-28th June 2021

28 June 2021 Germany. A few items to plug gaps in stock from 1925-44. German Colonies. Again, filling some gaps in stock across the board. Australia. New issues. National heritage…

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14th -31st May 2021

31 May 2021 Trinidad + Tobago. A small selection where the majority was in early QE2, including some new to stock. 25 May 2021 Canada new issues: Junos, Insulin, Eid…

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13th May 2021

Ireland new issues: Jane Lady Wilde, People for Planet, Ice Man and Europa Wildlife. No new mini sheets. New Zealand. The last part from the order I placed with my…

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11th May 2021

It has taken a long time but I have completed work on Bulgaria 1950-67. The range is almost complete with lots of duplication in places. Mini sheets represented too. I…

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9th May 2021

My New Zealand supplier is sending me stamps from a list I emailed to him. So far, I have received stamps and mini sheets from 2006 towards the present day.…

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8th May 2021

Some Commonwealth material has been sorted. This all relates to items taken from an Imperial album, so from QV-KG5. ---Sudan, especially Officials, Army Post and Dues. ---Tanganyika ---Western Australia plus…

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5th May 2021

Australia new issues: stamp for Rotary International plus two stamps for Lest We Forget (plus two self-adhesive staps and mini sheet).

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1st May 2021

Falkland Dependencies + South Georgia. Nearly complete from KG6 to 2003. British Antarctic Territory. Two collections, covering the years 1963-2003 with a high degree of completeness, including mini sheets.

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