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The Robstine Handbooks

To help my customers discover what Robstine has to offer, I have produced two free handbooks:

The Commonwealth booklet and the European/Rest of World booklet.

These feature a number of items for sale taken from my extensive range! Click on the button below to fill in your details. We will pop them in the post FREE of charge.
Robin borwick

Robin borwick

Robstine Stamps


It is a long time since I wrote a Newsletter. I have decided to discontinue “Robin’s Diary”.

It seems appropriate to provide news on aspects of Robstine Stamps and other observations.

One Website will be my only web site from now on. There were several technical problems with and as there was duplication of most items, the simplest move was to offer one site. For now, online ordering is a thing of the past due to technical difficulties.

The main part of my web presence is the stamp listings and that remains the same. In future, we may liven up the lists (or lively them up, as Bob Marley would say!). The scans have gone for now and I am pondering what to offer in their place. 


After six years, I have written an extension to “About Us”. Much has happened in the last six years, especially with Covid. Some of the major developments are now described.

stamp fairs

You will no longer see me at stamp fairs. I had traded at fairs for nearly 40 years which is enough for anyone. Covid made me think about the future and fairs are unlikely to be the same as before. I will miss talking to lots of the customers and dealers but time is short. Covid greatly increased my postal/online sales and some days I am pushed to get the orders out as quickly as I would like. Going to fairs would put greater demands on my time.

New stock

In the last few months I have continued to process new stock, despite having less available time. From now on, I will try to indicate what items have been added. Some things come to mind:

  • Commonwealth. I have added lots of material from all reigns. QE2 stamps are selling very well and I have been lucky to have an excellent supplier who keeps coming up with more. The same goes to a lesser degree for QV-KG5. My KG6 stock is perhaps the strongest and I have two big lots waiting to be merged with existing material.

  • Japan. A recent purchase of 14 big stockbooks gave my recent Japanese stock a big lift. Most of the stamps were issued from 2000-2018 and there were good quantities of many of the stamps.

  • French Colonies. A fabulous four-volume collection came my way some months ago. I have only had a chance to work on part of this collection but the contents are better than any other lot of these colonies that I have seen. The period covered is extensive. Although the best material is from early issues to the 1930s.